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Dhee Intellection Solutions Pvt. Ltd. formerly BeanHouse Solutions Pvt. Ltd., was incorporated in 2000 as a R&D firm. In 2002 BeanHouse was renamed as Dhee Intellection Solutions with its core focus in Research and investing the Intellectual Properties developed by it in other companies.

Dhee is one of India's forerunner in IP investing, innovating new technologies and solutions for a wide range of industrial segments.

Dhee’s team of eminent researchers & thought leaders, keep churning out new ideas, concepts, whilst its IP team strives to ensure protection at all levels, and its Biz Strategists, strategize to invest it and derive value for all stake holders.

Dhee holds rights to over fifty technologies and inventions patented and patent pending in PCT contracting states. The technologies and inventions are in varied fields ranging from Bioinformatics to Sticky Sensors for Tetrapaks, from Telecommunication to Computing and Robotics, AI, to Flow Control Systems and mundane gadgets for use in day to day life.

With Valuations of more than USD 500 mn for its IPs, Dhee Intellection sees itself as a Stable R&D Company, innovating multi-faceted technologies and creating and sharing wealth by incubating companies and partnering with others..

Grid Computing
Cluster Computing
Artificial Intelligence
Micro Robotics
Nano Robotics
Entertainment Industry
Flow Control Systems
Collaborative Mailware System
RFID based Technologies
Digital Picture Technology
Industrial Designs
Household Devices
Renewable Energy Solutions
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